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Let us plan and organize your 3-day European Surprise Getaway.You only need to pack your bags and enjoy your surprise.


Tired and in a desperate need of a vacation
In need of adventure and travel but they don’t know where to go
An adventurer looking for a new challenge
Short on energy or time required to plan a vacation
Stressed out by planning
Overwhelmed by all the offers and price differences

How it works?

Once you book a trip with us, you have no idea where you are going! Just follow 3 easy steps to give us some guidelines – and that’s it!

We will organize your travel, accommodation and provide a customized travel guide, made just for you.

3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Select your traveller style

Are you an adventurous traveller? You want to have a relaxing & chilled holiday? You wish to explore the culture of a new city? Or you just want to have an amazing time and party all day & night?


This style is for you if you:

  • are addicted to adrenaline
  • want to experience something special
  • are ready to embrace the excitement of something new
  • are curious and like to explore the unknown
  • are energetic and like to break your own barriers


This style is for you if you:

  • are interested in history
  • want to experience other cultures
  • always want to meet the locals
  • have all the landmarks on your bucket list
  • enjoy museums and art galleries


This style is for you if you:

  • are tired of visiting crowded landmarks
  • are in need of rest and personal time
  • want to indulge your mind and body
  • need to release stress
  • are in desperate need of full body massage


This style is for you if you:

  • like music, clubbing and nightlife
  • are tired of classical sightseeing trips
  • love to dance and attend festivals
  • want to meet new people
  • live for having crazy fun and YOLO

Step 2: Choose your budget

Step 3: Select your travel dates

Let us know when you would like to go on holiday. All trips are 3 days with 2 nights spent at the location.


Comfortable accommodation at the best location at the destination
Suggested travel itinerary – all necessary information about the best locations to visit
Most effective transportation to get you to your surprise destination
Free travel insurance
Travel box sent to your home address with travel goodies, tickets for transportation and accommodation booking
Memories that will last for a lifetime

“This was perfect! They sent us to Moscow, Russia and we loved every minute of our trip. Definitely recommend.”

– Joanna

“Me and my boyfriend are from Warsaw and Lust2Travel sent us to Split. Our weekend was incredible. The city is beautiful and the sea was already warm so we got to swim as well.”

– Klaudia

“Great agency, everything was planned professionally.”

– Dejan

“By far one of the best holidays I ever had! Itinerary was great, really tailor made for me. Thanks guys!”

– Ella


Packing checklist for summer vacation


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Get lost out there.

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You will meet someone amazing – yourself.

Let us organize your next holiday and make it a surprise.

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